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Old Fashioned Service: Perth Euro

David Dye is a well-known name in the European Car Scene in Perth, which is rightfully reflected in his business’ name. But whilst David’s world is now about providing a great customer experience at his own Independent Workshop, this was not always the case.

“In my final school year I took my parent’s BMW in for a service. While I was there, I asked the Service Manager if I could hang around for a little while and next thing you know I was there for 10 years! I always wanted to be on the tools, making and building things as a youngster. I was making skateboards and building boats, anything like that.”

“I loved every minute of my apprenticeship and beyond at that dealership. After a bit of time, I also started selling cars too and had built a decent amount of relationships throughout Perth. Once it was time for me to consider moving on, I noticed that the clients I had been dealing with when they were purchasing new cars had a huge need for regular servicing with someone that they trusted. So we established Perth Euro.”

David wanted to capture everything that was good about a European dealership and create his own boutique workshop and dealership. His philosophy has not changed since the beginning; putting the customer first with a hands-on and personal approach. 

“When we started it was with two hoists and I was personally on the tools, although I made sure that the clients still had that personal contact. W.A. was in a huge mining boom back then which helped, and our progression has been solid. We started at around 50 cars per month, and quickly reached around 200 a month. Nowadays with our newly designed workshop we are aiming to do 15-20 vehicles per day.”

Perth Euro is still very much a family business, but extra growth required David to expand his small team. There are now 9 in total including David’s wife, and even though there are many hands to make Perth Euro work, David still enjoys being heavily involved in the day to day and still even gets busy on the tools.

When David was asked about his thoughts on why Perth Euro has been so successful, he said it was very simple:

“We make our customers happy and we have a great team. One thing we know our customers appreciate is transparency. We’re up front with them, and that helps us maintain that personal level of service. Customer service is something that has perhaps been lost at a dealership level, but it is so important to the customer, especially when you are explaining things to them in layman’s terms”.

A great customer experience initiative by Perth Euro involves a vehicle health timeline plan for every customer’s vehicle. This plan staggers service items as required so it keeps the service costs manageable, which has been very well received by Perth Euro customers. David says that little things like having a detailer wash customers cars as a part of the services also goes a long way.

“I get up early and I’m eager to get to work. And looking after customers is rewarding in return.”

Alongside Customer Service, another crucial point to success for David is training and research on new technology in European cars.

“When it comes to electronics and automation, we gladly send 2 technicians to train with a group in the United States. We’re also a part of BIMRS too; an international BMW service group. We train on a daily basis (when we can) to stay ahead of the curve. This is done through a dedicated NBN channel within the business. Technology is rapidly changing, and if you don’t have the skills and aren’t trained correctly you can actually do more damage than good to new European cars.”

To keep himself ahead of the curve, David constantly does his own research and reading on the latest innovations in the industry. He also sits on the government board and has been a previous president of the MTA. 

Some parting words for the Evolve readers;

“You have to stay ahead and if you don’t make the effort you will get left behind. Have respect for your team members too. Encourage them to show initiative, and allow people to fail and learn from their mistakes.”

Staff Spotlight

Gary Gebbetis

Service Advisor – PERTH EURO

Why did you initially decide to become a technician at the beginning of your career? 

To be honest, it was too long ago to even remember why!

How long have you been a service advisor?

I have been a Service Advisor now for about 5 years, however I have had many roles during my 45 year career in the automotive industry. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy talking to people and understanding their needs, helping to resolve issues with their vehicle and ultimately making them happy.

Are you looking to specialise in any area of the trade?  

I am more than happy in my current role.

What car do you own?

A Toyota ‘Troopy’ Troop carrier.

Dream car?


What you do in your spare time for fun?

I enjoy 4WDíng, camping and fishing.

Do you have a secret skill?

My skills are no secret!