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Founded over 50 years ago, Liqui Moly is Germany’s number one brand of high-quality lubricants, additives and automotive service products.

Being based in the heartland of the world’s most renowned manufacturers, Liqui Moly is able to work closely with them to keep ahead of emerging technologies. In addition to securing highly sought-after manufacturer-certified approvals for an enormous number of vehicles. A fact not lost on Liqui Moly’s growing network of passionate technicians who work on the best vehicles and demand the best products for their discerning customers.


hsy Autoparts are proud to exclusively distribute ATE brake products.

The range consists of Brake Discs, Brake Pads, Drum Brakes, Hydraulics, Clutch and Sensors.

ATE are not only brake specialists, but also acceleration experts, and regularly introduce ground breaking developments. They set out to make the best better and focus on the future for all. ATE have been working with brake systems for more than 100 years. They have brought numerous innovations to the market – from the hydraulic brake to ABS. And they keep going too. As part of the Continental Group, one of the largest international automotive suppliers, they have expertise in the entire automotive sector.

ATE pride themselves on being the driving force in the brakes market and focus on their products being safe, clean, cover speed and are the highest quality on the market.

Steering, Suspension Axle

For steering and suspension products we stock the following brands: Meyle, Valeo.

Transmission & Drivetrain

For the repair of all transmission automotive parts we stock the following brands: ZF, BorgWarner, Valeo.


For all engine cooling automotive parts we stock the following brands: Gates, Continental, LiquiMoly, Bosch, Mahle, BorgWarner, Valeo.

Intake, Exhaust & Pollution

For the repair of all driveline automotive parts we stock the following brands: Bosch, Mahle, Valeo.

Climate, Central Lock & Lights

For all electric automotive parts we stock the following brands: Hella, Mahle, Valeo.

Controls, Body & Cabin

For all cabin thermal management automotive parts we stock the following brands: Valeo.

Workshop Solutions

We have hand-picked the most useful and relevant tools to fit your Euro workshop needs.