Our family

We are hsy. Our people, our customers and our suppliers form the very fabric of our unique wholly owned and operated Australian business.

From humble beginnings in 1963, importing Porsche engine components for snowmobiles, the business has expanded significantly to become Australia’s leading national independent importer and distributor of automotive parts, servicing passenger and light commercial vehicles, across BMW, Mercedes, VAG, Volvo and the French makes.

While the distribution of automotive replacement parts may not be unique, nor complex, for the hsy team, it’s all about how we do it, and at every turn people are our most important part. We have grown thanks to our relationships and putting our customers first. 99% of our business is direct to independent automotive workshops across Australia, providing a comprehensive range of new OEM, OES, OE and quality aftermarket components.

When it comes to the parts we stock, we aim to work directly with the manufacturer, delivering quality products via our distribution network direct to customers, and typically offer four delivery runs per day, per branch.

Equal to the value we place on our customer relations, is that of our supplier relationships. From the first supply agreements settled with a handshake, the hsy team have worked hand in hand with our supply partners to this day. Linking parts to people, sharing information, training, technical advice, and awareness to ensure our customers are successful with the parts we supply.

As with all businesses, we have our golden rules, though our standouts are honesty, integrity, and reciprocity. Putting oneself in the other shoes and listening (not just hearing) opens so much opportunity and brings us closer.

We have succeeded well with this culture. Our conversations today are rarely about parts, but rather about assisting in our customers’ success and how we can grow together.

Discussions quite often include developing concepts around technical training and business advice/planning keeping pace as our automotive aftermarket industry changes. We consider our customers, employees and suppliers part of the hsy family, independent together. From day one, our goal has been, and always will, to be the very best at whatever we do. This drives our entire group, and it is why we remain relevant and strong in Australia’s competitive car parts space. As our business is part of many communities across Australia, we take pride in opportunities to contribute to a select number of charities and implement social programs into our work environment.

We are also planning a number of environmentally focused initiatives, including the implementation of solar and removal of single use plastics. We then have the very hsy unique initiatives, such as the “greening” of our central warehouse external walls and converting them to a living feature, how wonderful that would be.

We are hsy, we are passionate and love what we do.