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JB’s Track Tips

Australian motorsport icon John Bowe has released a new video series on YouTube. Known as JB’s Track Tips, the informative series is designed to offer advice to anyone considering a track day, irrespective of their skill level.

The informative, and sometimes irreverent, JB talks through not only the skills and information pertinent to attending a track day, but also some of the stories gathered throughout his illustrious career of more than 1,100 professional races.

The series offers easy-to-understand advice for track day beginners, as well as novice and expert racers. JB speaks effortlessly to camera throughout the series, making it feel as though you’re in the room with him asking the advice you yourself would from a motor-racing legend.

Free to view, the YouTube series can be found by searching JB’s Track Tips or through Bowe’s own social media pages. For more information go to https://bit.ly/37M01Ru