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EVOLVE Auto Festival 2024 Celebrates Unprecedented Success

The second annual Evolve Auto Festival, held at Sea World on the Gold Coast on Saturday, May 17, 2024, has been celebrated as a monumental success. The event exceeded expectations and highlighted the best in automotive innovation and community spirit.

The 2024 festival featured esteemed partners such as Bosch, ZF, Hella Gutmann, LIQUI MOLY, MAHLE, and Schaeffler, alongside industry leaders like Capricorn, the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA), and WorldSkills Australia. New partners this year included The Garage Network, Sealey Tools, Podium, and Valeo, contributing to a diverse and dynamic event.

Nick Redmond, Head of Customer Relationships and Marketing at hsy autoparts, emphasised the festival’s core values: “At the heart of the Evolve Auto Festival is a profound appreciation for the people who drive the industry forward. The event brings together not only industry leaders and manufacturers but also the unsung heroes of the automotive world – the workshop owners, technicians, and the next generation of talent from TAFEs. It’s a celebration of the diverse and vibrant community that forms the backbone of the automotive aftermarket.”

The Evolve Auto Festival is more than just a business gathering; it is a platform for people to connect, form friendships, and learn from the industry experts. Nick Redmond added, “It’s about meeting new people, training, and having some fun.” This emphasis on the human aspect of the industry is what sets Evolve apart and contributes to its unique charm.

hsy autoparts created the festival to address issues highlighted in the Automotive Skills Shortages report of 2022, which revealed significant gaps in awareness and interaction among the next generation of apprentices and automotive technicians. The report found that 22% of fourth-year apprentices struggled to keep up with formal training, while 34% reported unpleasant work environments. Furthermore, 26% of fourth-year apprentices are expected to leave the industry, underscoring the need for better career prospects and learning opportunities.

To mitigate these challenges, hsy formulated the Evolve Auto Festival as an event to foster and showcase a unified industry, building connections that could improve workplace cultures. The festival’s core message was to celebrate a new era of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and community-building.

By showcasing existing partnerships and actively fostering opportunities for greater collaboration and innovation, the Evolve Auto Festival, now in its second year, aims to improve industry employment and enhance Australia’s standing in the global automotive community.

The search for a new venue for 2025 has already begun, with hopes that both current and new suppliers will join as the festival continues to grow and thrive.

The Evolve Auto Festival 2024 has set a new benchmark for future events. hsy is immensely proud of this year’s achievements and are grateful for the enthusiastic participation and support from all involved.