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Sidney Tworowsky


Meet Sidney Tworowsky, one of 2 Directors here at hsy. Sid’s current journey started in 2006 alongside his partner and best friend, Mark Micic. But Sid’s story stretches far beyond that acquisition. From washing cars at 8 to international adventures in fashion, production, and even windsurfing, his diverse experiences instilled a deep understanding of initiative, resilience, and cultural awareness.

Germany, Haiti, Peru – these weren’t just destinations, they were transformative chapters. Learning from different cultures, industries and perspectives shaped Sid’s approach to life and business. Landing in Melbourne in 1984, Sid joined hsy which was initially intended as a temporary pitstop, but commitments to the previous owner & life in general led him to stay.

Starting in the warehouse, Sid quickly moved to other areas of the business.  His inquisitive nature and talent for initiative shone through, evident in his successful cold-calling ventures in SA & QLD, growing the business from virtually scratch to very significant revenues and laying down solid foundations for future sites. He was instrumental in hsy’s early digital revolution, embracing technology to streamline operations and propelling the company forward.

Over the years, Sid wore many hats within hsy – Warehouse, Deliveries, Sales, Product Management, Purchasing, Branch Management – demonstrating his versatility and commitment. Post-2001, his focus shifted towards areas like Sales, Logistics, and Product Management, while maintaining a keen eye on the Digital space & technology.

But Sid’s core values extend beyond just business acumen. Honesty, integrity, and responsibility are his guiding principles. He champions owning your words & actions, embracing change, and treating others with kindness and respect. He defines success not through awards, but through the collective experiences and generosity of the hsy community, past, present, and future.

For Sid, there’s no “I” in hsy, only “we”. He recognises that collective strength and collaboration are the cornerstones of any successful enterprise. His journey, shaped by diverse experiences and driven by strong values, continues to inspire and shape the hsy spirit.

Did you know that Sid completed his HSC and never knew the results?  The envelope was not opened and lost over time.  It’s a testament to Sid’s focus on the bigger picture – learning, growing, and contributing to something larger than himself. That’s the true mark of his story.

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