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Robert Carmignani

Head of Digital

Head of Digital for hsy autoparts, Robert Carmignani brings considerable experience from a diverse career across retail and consumer products, financial services, legal services, automotive manufacturing, health care and managed IT services. As a result, hsy relies on Robert to challenge existing systems and thinking across the company. This helps us to discover and hone strategies that better serve our customers and give hsy a competitive advantage in the automotive aftermarket space.

On a day-to-day basis, Robert is an integral part of the leadership team and brings all stakeholders along in his approach to leading digital transformation strategies that improve business functions across the board. He’s also responsible for overseeing information technology and communications across the complex networks that make up the hsy autoparts service. In an increasingly complex digital environment where the integrity of our systems and processes are paramount, Robert’s dedication to staying ahead of the game makes him a vital source of leadership and expertise.

Robert brings a highly methodical, logical and practical approach to maintain leadership focus on the details that go into the successful rollout of new strategies for the business. These include designing and developing systems, new processes and applications that maintain a focus on improving customer experiences.

A calm and reflective rudder that keeps the company on track to reach its strategic goals, Robert personifies the customer-first values that inspire passion and innovation across the hsy family.

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