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Gloria Wang

Head of Finance

Gloria Wang is hsy autopart’s Head of Finance and plays a pivotal role in overseeing financial operations within our business whilst actively contributing to shaping our strategic financial plan.

Gloria’s meticulous and in-depth understanding of all things procedural when it comes to accounting and finance is key to ensuring things run smoothly at hsy. Gloria’s passion for improving procedures is what makes her such a valuable asset in our team, always going above and beyond to make sure we’re not just doing it right, but doing it better.

With over 18 years’ professional and commercial experience in the accounting and finance industry across Australia and New Zealand, Gloria’s extensive career background brings with her a wealth of practical knowledge alongside her formal qualifications. As well as CPA and ACCA qualifications, Gloria has experience in internal control implementation, financial analysis, enterprise resource planning, and successful SAP implementation.

Having experience in a broad range of industries – including manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, accounting services and investment services – has allowed Gloria to bring the best of her experiences across various sectors to form her own unique approach at hsy.

Gloria is always reliable when it comes to ensuring accuracy with a rigorous attention to detail, while providing valuable insight into decision-making. When she’s not busy answering financial queries both internally and externally, you can find her skillfully presenting key financial information to all levels across the business.

Motivated by a clear purpose to help the business, Gloria is driven by a genuine desire to understand current performance and discover new growth points. Her thoughtful and conscientious approach to this role is one of her quiet superpowers, as well as her bilingual skills with fluency in English and Mandarin.

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