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Top quality for optimum performance

The new premium all-rounder: glycol-based ATE SUPER DOT 5.1

ATE customises every brake fluid to perfectly match its individual application. Viscosity and boiling point interact perfectly to allow the brakes to react quickly and reliably – for every vehicle.

The new ATE SUPER DOT 5.1 brake fluid ensures top performance in hot as well as cold conditions: 5°C higher wet boiling point than ATE SL.6, same excellent viscosity, longer change interval, ideal for vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems like ESP®, ABS and ASR. A true all-rounder.

  • Suitable wherever DOT 4, DOT 4+ or DOT 5.1 is required – including electric vehicles
  • Meets all the requirements of the new ISO Class 7
  • Boiling points and viscosities that are better than in statutory and technical regulations
  • High-quality additives for protection against corrosion

Quality that pays off.

Available in one-, five- or twenty-litre containers.

Find out more: https://www.ate-australia.com.au