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Peter Tippner

General Manager

Peter Tippner comes to hsy as General Manager following an extensive and rich career in both the private and public sector. People are our most important part at hsy, and Peter is breathing this philosophy into his approach as he helps steer the company towards success.

Joining hsy at the start of 2022, Peter hit the ground running. The incredible experience and depth of knowledge accrued across his entire career, as well as his endless curiosity, all allowed Peter to quickly absorb the intricacies of hsy and immediately contribute to its direction.

Following five years of intensive training at the Australian Defence Force Academy, the RAAF fast jet program and the F/A-18 Hornet training group, Peter began his career as a pilot with the Royal Australian Air Force. By the time he had become Flight Commander after a fifteen-year career, Peter was trained to operate over 25 of the RAAF’s aircraft, with a personal affinity with the F/A-18, and spent his career trialling equipment and armaments for RAAF jet aircraft.

Peter applied everything he had learned in the RAAF to his subsequent work in the private sector, working with engineering services and technology solutions company Nova Systems. There, he helped lead growth and projects as General Manager of Operations – Asia Pacific, then of Aerospace & Surveillance, and then finally as General Manager of Business Development.

Peter works together with the leadership team and all hsy employees bringing a unified strategy for delivering the best outcomes for our customers. As a leading supplier of European OEM, OES and quality aftermarket parts to independent workshops, relationships underpin the success of hsy. With an open mind and ear to all voices across the company, Peter applies unparalleled organisational, learning, strategic and people skills to help build a future-focused organisation.

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