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Nick Redmond

Head of Customer Relationships & Marketing

As Head of Customer Relationships & Marketing for hsy, Nick Redmond’s relationship-focused philosophy is present not only amongst the hsy team, but especially with hsy customers and suppliers. Nick embodies the company’s core principles of people and integrity, and fosters lasting relationships.

Nick’s rolled-up sleeve approach and people-focused attitude allows him to anticipate customer needs, and it’s this ability that helps his customers thrive. His success within hsy has been driven by his desire to provide customers with better value by being straightforward and honest. This approach cuts through to a no-nonsense audience.

Nick draws from a spectrum of career experience, having developed high-level facilitation skills at the executive level across product development and manufacturing through to supply chain management. Leveraging hands-on experience to improve processes in account management and acquisition, Nick is trusted to manage sponsorship, retail, and vendor relationships. He adapts ideas and methodologies from other environments to deliver continuous improvement across many business disciplines.

His career journey has granted Nick extensive familiarity with the Australian, European, Chinese, and wider Asia-Pacific regions. His understanding of world markets has informed partnerships and investments, helping hsy achieve its growth goals. Nick’s varied skill set has provided a solid foundation to identify local opportunities, optimise company performance and implement plans that help hsy improve its value to customers.

A natural communicator, Nick’s media training has made him a dependable corporate spokesperson for the company. Always cultivating an atmosphere of solidarity and excitement within his team, Nick helps hsy build internal capacity and performance. A well-regarded business expert and team leader within the industry, Nick is a champion of the hsy brand.

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