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Mark Micic


Introducing Mark Micic, one of 2 Directors here at hsy, the other being Sidney Tworowsky.

Mark’s journey began in 1977, graduating high school and starting his career at the Commercial Bank of Australia. He honed his financial expertise through various roles, eventually earning his Legal, Securities, and Investment license in 1991. This led Mark to a rewarding position as a consultant at Westpac’s Personal Investment Centre.

However, Mark’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to pursue a new path in 1995. Mark joined South Yarra Autoparts as a courier driver whilst attending Law School at Monash University. His longstanding connection to the company’s owners, Axel Tworowsky and Harold Wernighaus, began in his childhood, fostering a deep trust and friendship.

In 2001, Mr. Tworowsky passed away, leaving the care and running of the business to both Mark and Sidney Tworowsky. In 2005, Mark and Sidney acquired the business, which at that time had only three branches across Australia. Since then, they embarked on a successful expansion, growing the business to its current footprint of 15 branches.

Throughout the years, Mark has played a key role in the company’s financial management, legal affairs, and human resources, leveraging his diverse background in banking, finance, and law. Alongside Sidney, who manages sales, marketing, and product development, they have built a strong foundation for the company’s success. Now, with the appointment of Mark’s nephew Peter Tippner, Mark can focus on working on the business rather than in it, maintaining his role whilst fostering growth and innovation.

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