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George Kinyanjui

Head of Logistics
& Distribution

George Kinyanjui is hsy autopart’s Head of Logistics & Distribution and is responsible for the complete supply chain across hsy’s central and distribution warehouses. This focus revolves around the management and optimisation of inventories, warehousing and logistics – ensuring the smooth management of customer requirements through to identifying and implementing warehousing and logistical improvements.

Having worked for over 15 years in logistics management, George brings extensive knowledge and experience accrued across many functions within supply chains. As part of his extensive career, he has implemented various cost reduction and efficiency initiatives at minimal capital investment and is using these experiences to continuously improve upon how hsy supplies its customers with the best products for their needs.

As someone who intimately understands how hsy’s central and fourteen distribution warehouses interact with one another, George is a valuable source of information and advice, and encourages both internal and external stakeholders to reach out to him.

A hugely positive force within the hsy family, George personifies the values that hsy autoparts has cultivated since its humble beginnings in 1963. He is a valuable proponent for maintaining a tight-knit family that prioritises staff and customers above all, and pursues these goals in expertly managing and innovating across the hsy logistics supply chain.

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