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Fred Gentile

Head of Product

Fred Gentile is hsy autopart’s Head of Product Management and is responsible for the complete range of products held within hsy’s central and distribution warehouses.

As our trusted Head of Product Management for over twenty years, Fred knows the ins and outs of keeping things running smoothly here at hsy like no other. Having a background of over four decades’ experience in all areas of the automotive market, Fred brings a lifetime of knowledge and expertise to our team. This, paired with a genuine passion for cars, is what makes Fred’s contribution invaluable in our day to day operations.

With his superior product knowledge, and a keen eye on trends and insights, Fred ensures hsy always has the correct mix of products in our database. The benefits of his ability to analyse these trends are passed on to our staff and even our customers, as Fred provides high-quality insights on market trends that impact key decision making.

With over two decades as part of the hsy team, Fred has a level of insight that’s unparalleled. Keeping a finger on the pulse of trends also means ensuring our pricing is fair and appropriate within the current market. Fred monitors this regularly, along with other industry trends to ensure we are constantly giving our customers not only quality, but fair value too.

Motivated by an undeniable loyalty and dedication to his work, and a love for all things automotive, Fred continues to be a driving force behind success day to day here at hsy.

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