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Why is it important to replace all Front End Auxiliary Drive system components?

The Front End Auxiliary Drive (FEAD) provides power to critical vehicle operation, comfort and safety systems. With increased complexity, downsized engines and load demands on the system it’s no longer enough to just check or replace a single part.

Why is it important to replace all Front End Auxiliary Drive system components?

Most engines feature a complex Front End Auxiliary Drive (FEAD) system as it provides power to many engine and safety critical systems and enables them to operate correctly. These auxiliaries include high output alternators that supply battery charge, the water pump or air conditioner compressor, the power steering pump and start-stop systems.

Additionally, the downsizing of modern engines with their greater power requirements also increases the demands on the FEAD system.

As the FEAD system is essential to the safety and comfort of the vehicle, manufacturers are beginning to advise recommended service replacement schedules to protect the engine and safe operation of the vehicle.

All components of the FEAD system must work optimally together

The FEAD system includes the drive belt (also known as a V-belt or serpentine belt) that transmits the drive energy from the crankshaft to the relevant auxiliaries. Other components of the system are belt tensioners and pulleys that transmit force to the belt, ensuring that constant tension is maintained. Idlers are used to divert the belt route according to the position of the accessories driven by the belt system, and overrunning alternator pulleys (OAP) prevent vibrational irregularities within the FEAD.

  • Drive Belt – the multi-ribbed belt transfers the rotational movement of the crankshaft to the components being driven.
  • Deflection Pulleys – guide the course of the multi-ribbed belt to the auxiliary components ensuring optimum torque transmission.
  • Tensioning Elements – mechanic or hydraulic tensioner ensures the drive belt remains at the optimum tension, preventing slippage, noise and belt vibration.
  • Alternator Pulleys – used on the rotor shaft of the alternator to dampen all vibration in the drive belt. The pulley disconnects the rotor from the rotational irregularities of the engine.
  • Overrunning Alternator Pulley (OAP) & Overrunning Alternator Decoupler (OAD) – controls alternator speed and is used to dampen the entire FEAD.
  • Belt Pulley Decoupler – dampens oscillation of the crankshaft, minimising noise and vibrations.
  • Water Pump – circulates coolant mixture to prevent damage to engine components and overheating.

Schaeffler engineer recommendation for a long-lasting repair

As the world’s leading manufacturer of tensioners and idler pulleys for original fitment, Schaeffler engineers are involved in the design and development of drive systems for every major vehicle manufacturer – helping them to increase power output, improve emissions control and lower fuel consumption.

Due to the complexity and high demands on the FEAD system, as well as the time involved in diagnosing the cause of a fault in the system, Schaeffler engineers recommend that the drive belt and all system components should be replaced with OE quality parts at the same time for a professional and complete repair.

This ensures that the entire FEAD system is in good working condition as all components are subjected to the same levels of wear and tear.

A fault affecting any of the components can lead to further costly repair work or potentially cause the engine to fail. The most reliable way to ensure a long-lasting repair is to replace the entire system which can also help increase the fuel economy and efficiency of the vehicle.

INA FEAD KIT – The simple solution for a complete FEAD system repair

The INA FEAD KIT from Schaeffler is an ‘all-in-one’ repair solution that contains all of the OE quality components and appropriate accessory parts needed for holistic repair of the FEAD system. Each kit is tailored to the specific vehicle type and includes the drive belt, tensioning pulley, deflection pulley and necessary accessories.

Depending on the vehicle type, the kit may also include damping components such as overrunning alternator pulley, torsional vibration damper, pulley decoupler or a water pump. Instructions and a vehicle-specific belt-routing diagram is included to help make assembly fast and easy.

The INA FEAD KIT saves you time, effort and money in ordering components for a complete repair.

INA FEAD Kits provide a complete repair solution for over 200 models. Schaeffler makes over 65 million INA components a year and is an original equipment drive system development partner to the global automotive industry.

For technical videos, brochures and the full INA Front End Auxiliary Drive spare parts catalogue sign up for a free at Schaeffler’s REPXPERT technical information portal www.repxpert.com.au.

To find out more click HERE https://www.repxpert.com.au/en/schaeffler-products/page-ds1734