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The TCR World According to Chaz

While Supercars is the mainstay for motorsport in Australia, TCR Australia quickly established itself as the main rival. But let’s be up front here, TCR does not need to see itself in competition with Supercars, nor do they need to fear each other, there is plenty of room for these two great series to co-exist. 

Supercars is about the Ford Mustang v the Holden Commodore, blue versus red and the history that goes with that, while TCR includes the C-segment sedans and hatches that are powered by production-based engines up to two litres in capacity. Audi RS v Alfa Romeo v Renault Megane v Peugeot 308, plus others. It has a very different following and racing is quite different from what we experience in Supercars.

Promoted by the Australian Racing Group, TCR staged its debut season in 2019 and it raised immediate interest. While Will Brown – who now drives for Erebus Motorsport – won the inaugural season, the series won over a host of big names like Russell Ingall, Jason Bright, Garth Tander, Tony D’Alberto and Molly Taylor. 

After the cancellation of the 2020 season thanks to COVID-19, the 2021 alumni include highly regarded endurance race co-drivers Lee Holdsworth, Michael Caruso and James Moffat, as well as Supercars superstar Chaz Mostert. And he was keen as mustard to get involved. 

“When the series first came here, I’d been talking to a few people about doing it, but the calendars never lined up with Supercars until this year,” Mostert said. Having driven Fords and Holdens for the last several years, in 2021 he raced with an Audi RS. It’s a car that challenged him, but he loved every minute.

“The Audi requires a completely different driving style to extract the best lap time, but the ergonomics of the car are great,” Mostert said. The beauty of this series is its competitiveness and, according to Mostert, this is the main reason why it’s attracting a legion of fans.

“TCR gives fans a real mix and anyone can win on their day. With the nuances of the car anyone can make a mistake, there are passing opportunities, there is so much action.” In a way the success of the series is twofold, the cars and drivers make it entertaining and super competitive.  

For more information on the TCR series as well as event details and race results, visit tcraustralia.com.au.