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hsy Autoparts are proud to exclusively distribute ATE brake products.

The range consists of Brake Discs, Brake Pads, Drum Brakes, Hydraulics, Clutch and Sensors.

ATE are not only brake specialists, but also acceleration experts, and regularly introduce ground breaking developments. They set out to make the best better and focus on the future for all. ATE have been working with brake systems for more than 100 years. They have brought numerous innovations to the market – from the hydraulic brake to ABS. And they keep going too. As part of the Continental Group, one of the largest international automotive suppliers, they have expertise in the entire automotive sector.

ATE pride themselves on being the driving force in the brakes market and focus on their products being safe, clean, cover speed and are the highest quality on the market.


They use more than 150 compounds to manufacture their brake pads, while their competitors use approximately ten. Anyone replacing wearing parts and who sets store by the manufacturer’s original quality therefore reaches for products of the ATE brand. That’s why they also hold a leading position in the aftermarket.


As a specialist in braking systems, ATE has been setting standards in quality, innovation, and system compatibility for more than 100 years. Their expertise in research, manufacture and supply has made us the original equipment supplier of the world’s leading automobile suppliers. The same expertise makes as the favourite of the aftermarket too.


They actively contribute to the protection of the environment and resources through innovative products. Thus, some years ago they added re-manufactured brake calipers to our range. ATE Ceramic brake pads release hardly any dust into the environment, and the coating of brake discs and brake drums extends their service life noticeably.


They think of themselves as partners to the automobile industry, and at the same time always have the wishes and needs of our end-customers in view. Their brake systems are also used in motor racing. Developments from product development in this high-performance field then in turn feed into series production, so that driving enjoyment and safety also come together in everyday driving.

For further product information visit our ATE Australia website.

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