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VIEROL AG – international automotive specialist

Since 1977, VIEROL AG has grown continuously and become an internationally successful specialist of electronic components and engine management in the international Aftermarket. Under the VEMO and VAICO brands,  VIEROL AG offers high-quality spare parts for an extensive range of manufacturers: Audi, BMW, Ford, Holden, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Volkswagen and much more.

VEMO offers a large number of electronical vehicle parts including sensors and switches, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and electric motors. VAICO focuses on engine-air and transmission parts and offers a wide range of intelligent solutions and perfect alternatives to the original manufacturer.

VEMO is one of the fastest growing specialists in the international independent aftermarket for electronic vehicle parts.

Sensors & Switches: PDC Sensors, Crankshaft/Camshaft Sensors, ABS-Wheel speed sensors.
EGR Valves and Throttle Housings: your first alternative to OE, one of the largest range in the Aftermarket

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Q+ The Seal of Excellence Two seals, one ambition – best quality for your satisfaction!

Made in Germany This quality label identifies high-quality OEM parts made in Germany and according to car manufacturers certifications.

This label identifies high-quality OEM parts from international OE-manufacturers who directly or indirectly supply car manufacturers. See the Seal – Know the Deal

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