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Mobil 1

For 125 years, Mobil 1 has been a constant in Australia’s oils and lubricants industry. This might sound strange given parent company ExxonMobil is American owned, but Mobil 1 in Australia shares a lineage that goes back to 1895.

Over this time Mobil has invested significantly in Australia. It opened its first Australian refinery in Altona, Melbourne, in 1949 making lubricating oil and bitumen from imported crude oil, followed by motor vehicle fuels and the country’s first locally made aviation gasoline.

Mobil then expanded its operations building refineries in Adelaide, it built a petrochemical plant near the Altona Refinery and mined Bass Strait when local oil and gas reserves were discovered in the 1960s.

While the Adelaide refinery closed in in 2003, Mobil has continued to upgrade its Melbourne facilities – investing in new tanks, pipelines and other infrastructure – to support fuel supply to the nation.

Mobil is still one of Australia’s biggest wholesale petrol and fuel suppliers, but a decade ago Mobil changed the structure of its lubricants marketing business in Australia, moving to a fully distributor serviced model. Now distributors across Australia – like hsy – sell Mobil lubricant products supplied via an ExxonMobil affiliate in Singapore.

The Mobil 1 brand is world-renowned as an early innovator of synthetic motor oils, and that legacy continues to this day.

Mobil 1 advanced full synthetic motor oils keep important engine parts in excellent condition. Tailored to engine needs and driving styles, our synthetic motor oils are there to protect your vehicle’s engine for years in daily and extreme conditions.

Whether it’s a performance sportcar or your daily drive Mobil 1 has an oil for you.

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