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Shock Absorbers – Comfortably Safe

When you think about Shock Absorbers, you might think that they are there to give you a comfortable ride when driving on some of Australia’s notoriously bumpy roads.

While Shock Absorbers do definitely soften your suspension, you may not know that there are many elements of your car that rely on healthy and working Shocks.

Tyre Grip

Healthy Shock Absorbers will keep all 4 wheels of your car firmly planted to the road. Some cars, especially during tight turning maneuvers, can see wheels and tyres raise off of the road for extended periods of time, reducing optimal contact with the road.


One of the most important aspects of driving on public roads is to be able to rely on your car to steer where you want, and when you want. This is even more relevant when in an emergency driving situation, where steering can be the only factor that allows you to avoid a collision. If your Shock Absorbers or relevant Suspension components are not up to scratch, your car will not steer in the manner you need it to in emergency situations.

ABS, Traction Control & Stability Control

If you drive a car that was built from 1990 onwards (sometimes even earlier), chances are that your car has ABS (anti-lock braking system) fitted as a standard feature. ABS relies on computers and sensors to tell if you are in a hard braking situation, and stop your vehicle’s brakes from ‘locking’ – allowing you to stop much quicker.

More modern vehicles (2000s and onwards) may also have Traction Control and Stability Control systems, that once again uses computers and sensors to tell if your vehicle is sliding on a slippery road surface and corrects your vehicle to reduce the risk of collision.

All of the above systems rely heavily on Shock Absorbers and steering components to be working correctly, as your car relies on information sent by the computers to know when to apply ABS, Traction Control and Stability Control. With worn Shocks or Steering components, these safety systems will not work correctly.

Running Costs

Not only do worn Shock Absorbers or Steering components put your safety at risk, but it can also cost you a small fortune in running costs.

Your car will be using more fuel to keep you moving with worn components, plus your brakes may be applied more often due to the car’s ABS, Traction Control and Stability Control not operating the way they should. On top of this, tyres can be worn out quicker too. While this may not be noticeable while you’re driving, the costs will build up over time and be quite significant in the long run.