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SACHS: The No. 1 Shock Absorber in European Car Parc Coverage

Every year, more than 10 million new cars roll off the assembly line fitted with SACHS shock absorbers – proof of the absolute trust instilled in these products by automotive manufacturers worldwide.

A brand of ZF Aftermarket, SACHS shock absorbers are distinguished by their original equipment quality and innovative technology, and are now ranked the number one shock absorber in European car parc coverage.

With the ideal combination of performance and dynamics, SACHS shock absorbers ensure perfect road grip and cornering behaviour, no matter what challenges the road may present.

Locally, the SACHS range has over 3,000 shock absorber references, with a combination of mono-tube and twin-tube gas pressurised shock technology throughout the entire range.

Additionally, over 385 strut mounts and bearings and more than 220 bump stop and boot kits are available.

There is also a range of SACHS shock absorbers for four-wheel-drives, off-road and utility vehicles, known as SACHS MAX.

SACHS MAX shock absorbers support vehicles with up to a two-inch lift, with larger pistons and an increased bore size resulting in shock absorbers that are more durable, while continuing to offer the ultimate in safety.

Additionally, the SACHS clutch catalogue numbers over 1,500 components including clutch covers and discs, flywheels and clutch release systems, while the clutch replacement kit for passenger cars provides all the relevant components, including pressure plate, disc and release bearing, as well as a special assembly grease.

For further information on the local SACHS range available from ZF in Oceania, visit: www.aftermarket.zf.com/au or call + 61 2 9679 5555.

This article was originally published by ZF and has been reproduced with permission