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Sachs Performance Clutch Range from ZF – In Stock Now!

hsy Autoparts is pleased to announce that the Sachs Performance Clutch Range from ZF has just arrived into stock around the country.

As you may know, vehicles that have a high-power output often puts increased strain on the vehicle’s drivetrain such as clutch, transmission, drive shaft and tires. The clutch can be the most vulnerable component of the drivetrain depending on how the vehicle is driven and the clutch is operated.

ZF and SACHS knew the importance of a clutch when putting power down in a performance car and has developed its Performance Clutch as a part of the SACHS Performance range.

The new SACHS Performance Clutch range should be of interest to you if:

  • You are a business that regularly modifies vehicles for power and performance
  • If you are replacing the clutch in a modified vehicle and need a performance focused solution
  • If you want to have an OE-quality solution for customers who own performance focused vehicles.

There are many benefits of a SACHS Performance Clutch over other offerings, including:

  • That it is a quality, German made product designed to precision and assembled by hand to ensure the best feel in clamping load and release characteristics.
  • The SACHS Performance Clutch range is motorsport tested and proven, being the clutch of choice in the German Touring Car Masters – DTM – racing series for many years.
  • They are also a very reliable and affordable solution for your business and your customers.

So if you are working on a vehicle that is modified and in need of a new clutch, or you are a business that tunes and modifies cars, get in touch with the team at hsy to learn more about the wide range of vehicles that we can now provide a SACHS Performance Clutch for.