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Keep Your Shoes Clean with Ate Ceramic Brake Pads

Brakes; first and foremost are the most important safety component on any car. But Ate Ceramic Brake pads can do so much more than just stop the car!

As the saying goes, a nice suit deserves nice shoes. And Ate Ceramic Brake pads will keep your cars shoes clean. Ate Ceramic Brake Pads reduce brake dust to an absolute minimum. Gone are the days of rims being dimmed by an unsightly haze of dust and grime. Additionally, the environment is a beneficiary of the reduced production of harsh brake dusts being dispersed into the air.

Ate Ceramic Brake pads, when combined with Ate Coated Disc Brakes result in significantly less brake juddering when compared to traditional pad and disc combinations, meaning a more comfortable ride for your customers. And with a 50,000 km warranty, Ate Ceramic Pads are built to last, so rest assured you are installing a product that the manufacturer stands by.

hsy Autoparts are proud distributors of the full range of Ate products including Equipment, Brake Discs, Brake Pads, Drum Brakes, Clutch Parts and Sensors. We recommend Ate to ensure high quality performance and safety in the vehicles that you are servicing.

To find out more about Ate Ceramic Brake Pads and the full range of Ate products, talk to your hsy Autoparts Area Manager or call 1300 133 129.