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Important myhsy Update

We’re thrilled to announce some exciting updates to myhsy!

Product images are here!

Say goodbye to guesswork! Now you can see clear and detailed images of over 4,000 products. Simply click on an item to reveal the image. With more images being added all the time, you can easily visualise what you’re ordering, ensuring you select the right parts every time.

Enhanced product information

Click on an item to reveal:

  • General and/or vehicle-specific suitability notes: ensure the product is compatible with the vehicle you are ordering it for
  • Important Information: Ensure when you see a red “!” mark that you click on the item to view the notes before selecting the item
  • Model suitability: selecting a model or finding a model via REGO/VIN search will tag the item and display it on your invoice for easy identification (invoice can display multiple models as highlighted below). This will make your office/admin work so much easier!
  • Purchase history: Review your past purchases and associated pricing

NEW way to search for generic items!

Don’t have access to a part/item number? Looking for Oil, Belts, Additives, Battery, Gloves or more?

Use our new Global Parts Search to find what you need – fast! Global Parts Search is a text-based search option, meaning you can now search for generic parts/items using keywords, such as,

  • Item description
  • Vehicle Make or Model or Series or Engine Code
  • hsy/brand or OE no.
  • Other text based related information

Try it out, it’s easy!

We hope you love these enhancements as much as we do!

If you’d like to learn more about myhsy, or to create an account, click here to get started

As always, if you encounter any issues or problems logging-in and/or have some great suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team on 1300 133 129 or sales@hsy.com.au who will gladly assist.

Happy parts shopping!