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hsy February Pierburg Training

Pierburg Electrics and Mechanics Training

Competence around the engine

With this special Pierburg training we introduce the modern product range of a leading car supplier and the systems and procedures behind it. Being one of the leading car supplies for emission control, air supply, vacuum-controlled products, fuel supply and many other components, the Pierburg brand can be found in almost every modern car. In modern passenger cars all emission – relevant systems and components such as those from Pierburg, are monitored by the On Board Diagnosis OBD. In case of a failure the respective faulty part is detected and repair is required.

Our customers are invited to attend this comprehensive training session. RSVP your workshop name and numbers to get your name on the door list.

QLD – Nerang Monday19th February 2018. 6-9pm. 4 O’Shea Drive, Nerang QLD. RSVP (07) 5596 9800.

QLD – Brisbane Tuesday20th February 2018. 6-9pm. U19/160 Lytton Road, Bulimia Brisbane 4171. RSVP (07) 3902 3902.

VIC Thursday 22nd February 2018. 6-9pm. 6 Prince Patrick Street, Richmond 3121. RSVP (03) 8416 8416.

NSW Wednesday 21st February 2018. 6-9pm. U5/10 Salisbury Road, Castle Hill NSW 2154. RSVP (02) 8339 8339.

WA Monday26th February 2018. 6-9pm. U10/7 King Edward Road, Osborne Park WA. RSVP (08) 9445 1763.

SA Wednesday28th February 2018. 6-9pm. U2/84 Richmond Road, Keswick SA. RSVP (08) 8277 4244.