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hsy BOSCH training: DAS In Your Workshop Today

hsy BOSCH training: DAS In Your Workshop Today.

Driver Assistance Systems (DAS) are no longer just for high end vehicles, they are filtering down into all models from all manufacturers. DAS include emergency braking, lane keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control and blind spot detection amongst others.

There are major implications for the repair industry regarding calibration and replacement of radar and camera sensors, this can be as a result of even minor collision damage, windscreen replacement, sensor replacement, vehicle modifications etc. As a leading provider of this technology Bosch are well placed to provide the required information and service equipment. In this session Bosch will over view the systems, the sensors and the calibration requirements.

Leading Euro OEM Wiper system supplier (a Wiper is not a Wiper)

Bosch will provide information on future developments in technical innovation on (Bosch) Wiper blades, explain our current program and available range of wiper blades, Features and Benefits of Bosch Adapting systems, rubber technology,  as well as Historic and Future developments in technical innovation. Also highlighting common faults identified when checking / fitting wiper blades to wiper systems.

You are invited to attend. Please see Australia wide dates below.

RSVP to your local Area Manager on 1300 133 129.

hsy QLD

Monday 23rd April – hsy Brisbane. 6PM – 9PM

Unit 19/160 Lytton Road, Bulimba, Brisbane 4171

hsy VIC

Tuesday 1st May – hsy Richmond. 6PM – 9PM

6 Prince Patrick Street, Richmond VIC 3121.

hsy NSW

Wednesday 2nd May – hsy Artarmon. 6PM – 9PM

Unit 7 / 78 Reserve Road, Artarmon NSW 2064

hsy SA

Tuesday 8th May – hsy South Australia. 6PM – 9PM

Unit 2 / 84 Richmond Road, Keswick SA 5035

hsy WA

Wednesday 9th May – hsy Osborne Park. 6PM – 9PM

Unit 10/ 7 King Edward Road, Osborne Park WA 6017.