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HELLA’S ADAS calibration equipment available from hsy

HELLA offers a comprehensive range of HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS workshop equipment for camera and radar-based Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) calibrations, and they are available for order through hsy.

One of the global leaders in ADAS technology and calibration tools, HELLA is the name behind many of the ADAS technologies used by original equipment manufacturers globally.

A modern vehicle has a myriad of active safety technologies that help prevent accidents, and when it comes to maintaining or repairing these technologies HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS’ ADAS calibration equipment is the best you can get.

At the forefront is the Camera Sensor Calibration – or CSC-Tool, which is flexible in its use, intuitive to operate and will enable accurate, repeatable results when used.

Compatible with other HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS products, as well as a wide range of vehicles from 29 manufacturers, having your own in-house ADAS calibration equipment will complement your business in several positive ways.

  • It will help reduce claim expenditure and repair lead times
  • It is easy to set up and operate regardless of the vehicle
  • As new active safety technologies are introduced by car manufacturers, the system’s software can be upgraded to include them
  • A HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS equipped workshop will be capable of conducting both static and dynamic calibration
  • It interfaces with mega macs diagnostic tools, allowing a record of successful calibration to be saved and printed (i.e. your vehicle’s ADAS performance logbook)

In addition to this HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS (HGS) will arrange the on-site installation of the ADAS equipment as well as train your engineers and mechanical staff. There is also immediate and ongoing access to the comprehensive nationwide technical support from HGS Academy trained technicians.

Further, this equipment qualifies for the Federal Government’s instant asset write-off scheme.

Offering a 360-degree calibration for driver assistance systems, HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS’ ADAS system is one of the most important investments your business can make.

For more information contact your local hsy area manager or call 1300 133 129.