Product Review Guru

We’re After A Product Review Guru!

Do you love being in front of camera and know your way around automotive parts?

Over the coming months, hsy autoparts are showcasing multiple products within our range over our Social Media channels via video, and we are looking for a Product Review Guru that can explain these products to our audience of European Specialist Workshops and European Vehicle owners.

What’s involved?

Ideally, we are after someone who is based in Melbourne and can spend some (socially distanced) time with us in Melbourne’s East. Over the course of a few months, there will be multiple video shoots of you presenting and talking about a particular automotive product to camera. We will provide the product and all relevant talking points to you – you can then speak naturally and in your own words about the product to us.

The video shoots are casual, relaxed and informal. We will not expect you to read word-for-word from a script – you can present the product how you want to.

How do I sign up?

If you’re interested in being in front of camera for us, we would like you to do a quick “audition” video!

Grab the nearest item that is worth talking about (automotive or otherwise) and record yourself telling us about this product for 30 seconds or less. Once you’re done, upload your video to WeTransfer:

Then send the link to the video alongside some details about yourself and your contact info to:

Any questions? Just get in touch with us through our Marketing email address above.

We look forward to hearing from you!