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As part of hsy’s ongoing commitment to our ATE Brake Centres, we proudly introduce euroautoservice.com.au.

euroautoservice.com.au is our exclusive online search + find directory which has been built from the ground up, designed and tailored exclusively for ATE Brake Centres. The site is meticulously designed to assist owners and drivers of European vehicles search for and locate specialised ATE service centres near them.
We continue to drive traffic into the site by running a range of paid advertising and promotions across a variety of digital channels, such as with Google Search campaigns.

Together with this, we are proud to announce we have joined forces with Randall Racing and have sponsored a BMW in the Monochrome GT4 Speed Series Australia with Jacob Lawrence. Jacob will be joined by racing legend John Bowe. Together, this powerhouse duo is geared up for a thrilling and successful 2024!