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Capricorn & HSY: Working Together for Your Benefit

As an important hsy customer you will have regularly heard us talk about the relationship that we enjoy with Capricorn as a preferred supplier and the advantages that this offers your business. 

But do you know what this means? The hsy business is a stronger one thanks to Capricorn and it will benefit your business too. Here’s some explanation into how it all pieces together. 

What is Capricorn and what does it do?  

Capricorn was established in 1974 by a small group of independent automotive workshops looking to increase their buying power. Almost 50 years later, as the cooperative has grown, so too have the benefits. As a trusted member-owned organisation, its focus is to improve the lives of its members by supporting them in building stronger businesses resulting in the sustainable future of the automotive aftermarket industry. 

Why has Capricorn partnered with hsy?

Capricorn’s supply partnerships are built to empower its members to grow sustainable automotive businesses. With the high level of Working together for your benefit disruption and change happening in the automotive industry, partnering with suppliers such as hsy helps provide members with the products, information and services needed to meet whatever challenges tomorrow helping them make the best decisions for their business. How does Capricorn work with hsy? Capricorn’s trade account and rewards program help business owners across Australia streamline their business operations with instant credit from an extensive range of preferred suppliers, valuable reward points and one monthly statement. We are proud to have hsy as a Capricorn preferred supplier which enables Capricorn members to place their purchases from hsy on their Capricorn trade account. 

Why is Capricorn so important to the automotive industry and independent workshops?  

Together, we are stronger. Capricorn cooperative is made up of over 22,000 members who are given instant credit with more than 2,500 committed preferred suppliers – of which hsy is one. As the largest Australasian automotive cooperative, Capricorn can generate significant benefits for its members as they get more value from their everyday business expenses. It is also able to provide unparalleled business resources and support. This includes access to vehicle data, workshop management assistance, easy and convenient finance options and other exclusive benefits that help members save time and money. 

How does Capricorn benefit from working with hsy?  

Capricorn is invested in the success of its members, preferred suppliers and the broader automotive repair industry. As our member’s businesses thrive so too does our preferred supplier network. By focusing on building mutually beneficial relationships Capricorn is able to secure long-term benefits for its key customers – whether they be automotive repairers or preferred suppliers.