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Bosch AdBlue injection system parts and fluids are available from hsy

If your vehicle has a diesel engine and you want to reduce the harmful emissions that an engine of this type emits into the atmosphere, then the Bosch Denoxtronic exhaust-gas treatment system parts sold by hsy will help you achieve this.

As a leader for diesel technology and applications, Bosch develops diesel systems that enable vehicle manufacturers to reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx).

There are different sensors installed at the exhaust tract of modern passenger cars and commercial vehicles to monitor the exhaust-gas composition with top precision.

Today there are almost 35 million Denoxtronic systems in use. Denoxtronic is a precise dosing system for the reducing agent, AdBlue.

The advantages of Bosch’s Denoxtronic exhaust-gas treatment systems – and the use of AdBlue – are threefold: 1) they help your vehicle achieve current and future emission targets; 2) with the use of SCR catalystic converters from Bosch, they lower fuel consumption and C02 emissions; and 3) they reduce dangerous nitrogen oxide emissions.

Hsy offers a range of Bosch AdBlue parts including heating tanks, injectors and delivery pumps. We also sell Diesel EXHaust Adblue fluid. The nitrous oxides caused by the combustion in the engine are largely converted into water and nitrogen through the reaction with AdBlue fluids.

These components, and the AdBlue fluid sold by hsy, will make your diesel vehicle more eco-friendly.

Find out more about the AdBlue range offered by hsy by talking to your local hsy area manager or call 1300 133 129