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ATE Platinum Brake Centres: Australia’s most trusted brake experts

ATE is the only name to remember when it comes to brakes, and that is why it has been the world’s leading brake brand for over 100 years.

A respected global brand, when it comes to your customer’s car you should offer them the best brakes, and ATE Platinum Brake Centres can repair and maintain the components within the brake system, whether they be brake pads and discs, or drum brakes.  

With a thorough understanding of a car’s hydraulic, clutch and sensor systems, and how brakes work in conjunction with these technologies, ATE Platinum Brake Centres have all the modern diagnostic tools to ensure every vehicle is right for the road as soon as the car is started.  

Also, if you want your customers to have complete confidence in all driving conditions, it’s important for them to know that not all brakes are made equal, which is why you recommend ATE.

This is why ATE Brakes are at the forefront of braking technology, and why many of our products are factory-fitted by many of the top European car manufacturers.   

ATE Platinum Brake Centres 

ATE Platinum Brake Centres are your premium brake specialists. With over 30 Platinum sites across the country, there is a reason why these outlets stand out across the network. Simply put, they do it better than anyone else

When hsy decided to create the ATE Platinum Brake Centre brand, it knew that it would be a success because the workshops selected were not only loyal to ATE and its products, but they presented themselves professionally and invested in their staff by taking advantage of exclusive ATE training sessions.

Currently there are Platinum centres in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and ACT, and numbers are growing.

How do you become an ATE Platinum Brake Centre?

Based on the criteria mentioned above, if you are interested in becoming an ATE Brake Centre, or extending to Platinum status, get in contact with your local hsy area manager and start the conversation.

When the ATE Platinum Brake Centre initiative came to life, HSY invested in a national digital marketing campaign in support.

Since the start of December, hsy has been promoting ATE Platinum Brake Centres via Facebook, Instagram and Google display ads. These ads are aimed at new customers that are searching for information on brakes, introducing them to the ATE Brakes brand.

Once an introduction is formed, we made it easy for them to find their nearest ATE Platinum Brake Centre by creating a dedicated ‘Platinum’ website which can be located at www.ateplatinumbrakecentres.com.au

On this, we talk about ATE and its products, and include a prominent ‘search’ function helping customers locate their closest brake centre.

We also presented each workshop with their very own workshop signage so they are easily recognised.

How much did all of this cost the workshop? Zero. Not one cent because hsy supports those who support ATE.

If you want to become part of the ATE Platinum Brake Centre family, here’s what you need to know:

  • ATE is renowned globally for its quality range of brakes, accessories and lubricants
  • ATE enjoys OE fitment on some of the biggest car brands in the world
  • ATE Platinum Brake Centres exclusively supply ATE product
  • Your business has to look the part, present yourself professionally
  • You must invest in your staff by enrolling them into ATE’s exclusive specialist training sessions. Run by ATE engineers, these free sessions introduce new products, the latest technical developments, installation tips and best practice servicing.

Distributed by hsy 

hsy, Australia’s leading distributor and supplier of new European OEM, OES and quality aftermarket parts to independent workshops, is the exclusive distributor of ATE products nationally. 

With a range that consists of brake discs, brake pads, drum brakes, hydraulics, clutches and sensors, ATE is one of the world’s most respected auto brands and prides itself on being the driving force in the brakes market.  

With a focus on safety, quality and the environment, ATE products are the best on the market and no one understands the brand better than hsy. 

If you are a workshop, or a supplier, that wants to know more, get in touch with your local area manager or call 1300 133 129.