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ATE Platinum Brake Centres – your first-choice brake specialist

Some of the nation’s best automotive workshops have been recognised by ATE – one of the world’s most respected brakes brands – as industry leaders when it comes to the repair and maintenance of your brake system, and have qualified to operate as recognised ATE Platinum Brake Centres.

When it comes to the safety of you and those around you on the road, the one feature you should have complete confidence in are your vehicle’s brakes. After all, it is your brakes that not only reduce speed and bring you to a stop, but they help you maintain control of your vehicle and avoid the many hazards around you.

Renowned for its quality range of brake parts, accessories and lubricants, ATE Brakes has been one of the automotive industry’s brakes leaders for well over 100 years, and is at the forefront of braking technology globally – which is why many of its products are factory-fitted by some of the best-known car manufacturers.

What you may not know is that not all brakes are made equal, so it is important to visit an expert workshop that uses the best brakes for your car.

Independently owned and operated by some of the nation’s best brake experts, ATE Platinum Brake Centres can repair and maintain the components within your vehicle’s brake system, whether they be brake pads and discs or drum brakes.

Expertly factory-trained by ATE engineers, the master technicians at ATE Platinum Brake Centres have a thorough understanding of your car’s hydraulic, clutch and sensor systems, and know how your brakes work in conjunction with these technologies. ATE Platinum Brake Centres are also fitted out with all the latest diagnostic tools to ensure your vehicle is looked after perfectly.

“There’s a reason why ATE is held in such high esteem, it’s because ATE is the world’s preeminent brake specialist,” ATE Brakes national sales and marketing manager Nick Redmond said.

“It is at the forefront of the industry and has introduced many critical innovations to the market including hydraulic brakes and ABS.

“Choosing the right brake product for your vehicle is important. ATE has the highest quality range and a highly trained ATE Platinum Brake Centre technician has the capability to fit them expertly.”

With 32 ATE Platinum Brake Centres across mainland Australia, these impeccably presented modern workshops will manage all your brake needs.

Exclusively stocking and fitting ATE products, there are nine ATE Platinum Brake Centres in Victoria, eight in both New South Wales and Queensland, four in Western Australia, two in South Australia and one in Canberra.

With ATE products distributed exclusively in Australia by hsy Autoparts – Australia‘s leading distributor and supplier of new European OEM, OES and quality aftermarket parts to independent workshops – ATE Platinum Brake Centres have been recognised for their first class service, product understanding and fitment excellence.

“For a workshop to qualify as an ATE Platinum Brake Centre, not only does it need to exclusively supply and fit ATE product, but it has to present professionally and have technicians regularly involved in ATE specialty training,” Nick Redmond said.

“Presented by ATE engineers, the sessions introduce new products, the latest technical developments, installation tips and best practice servicing.

“This is part of ATE’s global commitment to its customers, it’s products and safety, and why ATE brakes are the first-choice brake for many vehicles.”

To locate your closest ATE Platinum Brake Centre, visit www.ateplatinumbrakecentres.com.au. The dedicated ATE website explains the range of ATE products and can connect customers directly with their preferred workshop.