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Cabin Filters – There’s Never Been A More Important Time

Over the past month or so, most of the cars on Australian roads haven’t been used as often – or haven’t been used at all – due to social distancing measures. While this has been necessary to ensure the safety of the people of Australia, it means there are certain items in a vehicle that should now be checked before they are put back into daily use.

As more and more of these cars come out of hibernation and back onto the road, we need to be sure we have safety at front of mind for our own vehicles and also our customer’s vehicles.

Cabin Filters are a perfect example of an item that needs to be checked on – as this is the gateway for fresh air between the outside world to the cabin of a vehicle. If the air travelling from outside of the vehicle to inside is not filtered correctly, this could be dangerous to the occupants of the vehicle when heading down the road.

With pollutants, mould and bacteria at the front of everyone’s minds, it is essential to be checking up on Cabin Filters, with MAHLE filtration products proudly being hsy’s choice of Cabin Filter.

For those of you who are unaware, MAHLE is a leading international brand who supply OE parts to many automotive manufacturers, especially for European vehicles. The team at hsy are proud to be one of Australia’s largest resellers of MAHLE products as they are the world leader in Activated Carbon Cabin Filter Technology. Unlike other Cabin Filters available on the market, MAHLE have a “Five Fold Protection” in their Cabin Filters, that provide:

  • Protection from odours in the cabin before they develop
  • Protection against pollen
  • Protection against fine particulates created by vehicles on the road
  • Protection against mould
  • Protection against bacteria.

For our workshop partners currently reading our blog post, we would highly recommend going out to all of your customers and recommending a free Cabin Filter check – there’s a high chance that your customers will need extra protection from the mould and bacteria that has been building up.

hsy have plenty of MAHLE Cabin Filters in stock across the country – so please have a chat with your local hsy store or Area Manager for any further information or advice on the MAHLE Cabin Filter range.